Know Your Hitches

Before you can undertake any type of towing, its important to know what kind of hitch is appropriate for your vehicle. So many hitches are available in the market, that you might get confused. The appropriate hitch to buy is usually determined by the amount of load you want to tow.

Class I Hitch.

These type of hitches are used to tow very light load, Most of the class I hitches tow loads of up to 2,000 lbs. These hitches can carry a trailer or a boat of 14 feet in length respectively. The class 1 hitches are hooked to the vehicles bumper: bumper hitches. Some of these class I hitches have a removable tongue and cannot connect to the frame. This type of hitch is mostly used by people who do not haul regularly since they can remove them any time they want. A cotter pin holds a pin in place that helps hold the tongue on.


Class II Hitches.

These hitches can tow loads of 3500 lbs. They can carry trailers that are 12 feet long and boats 20 feet long. This type of hitch is appropriate for vehicles that are large like sedans and minivans. You can remove the tongue on this kind of hitch as well and they are also mounted to the frames bottom.

Class III Hitches

The class III hitches can tow heavy duty loads with weights of up to 5000 lbs. A trailer boat of 24 feet can be carried by these hitches. Mounting is done on the frame in this type of hitch too. These hitches can be used on pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles.

Class IV Hitches

These are heavy duty hitches that can tow loads of up to 7500 lbs. They have brackets that help evenly distribute weight making it possible to tow heavy loads. Full size pickups can use these types of hitches. It has a removable tongue when not in use and is attached to the frame rail.

Class V Hitches

Heaviest duty hitches available. Class V hitches can tow loads of up to 14,000 lbs. Their brackets are heavy-duty helping in weight distribution of all the weight. A Class V hitch has a tongue that is removable and mounts to the frame. Heavy duty pickup trucks can use this type of hitches.

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Fifth Wheel Hitch

This type of hitch can carry very heavy loads of up to 20,000 lbs. They can carry livestock trailers, car haulers and travel trailers. Fifth wheel hitches are mounted to the trucks bed. They are not easy to maneuver though they can carry extremely heavy loads. For installation, the tailgate is removed because the hitches take up the truck beds length.

Gooseneck Hitches

The gooseneck hitch is almost similar to the Fifth Wheel Hitch since its installed to the trucks bed. It can also carry very heavy loads of up to 30,000 lbs. the gooseneck hitch can be used to tow horse trailers. The bed has pre-existing holes that the hitch is attached to. Some gooseneck hitches can be hidden under the bed by installing them underneath the bed. If you need to tow anything else other than a trailer, this is the right hitch for you.

Armed with this information, buying the right kind of hitch for your vehicle is an easy task. Be sure not to exceed the specified capacity to tow.


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