Guide to Your Simple HTML Website

For basic Web Design, it really doesn’t matter what platform you use, what Operating System you have and what software you rely upon. It depends upon the skills and creativity that must be in the Web Designer. Skills are learned but creativity comes naturally. It should come from within. This shows why some kids are good at art at school while some are not. But regular practice can make oneself the master of the skills of Web Design.

Start with your favorite text editor or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or Web Design Software.Now, outlining your project, first make a folder where you’ll keep the content of your website, i.e. the whole website. Whether, it is a folder on a local disk or an online directory or sub-directory. Make a new folder in your Website folder to keep the images, script and style-sheet files. Name that folder Resources or Style or just any handy relative name so that can be called to and located easily.Make your first HTML page, the way you wish to do with your IDE and save it with .htm or .html extension.

Now, the page design guidelines. Do up the Prologues and the basic structures, i.e.HTML, HEAD, TITLE, and BODY. In the head tag, give in the most appropriate title to your Website that relates to the subject of your Website. Write in the basic Meta description related to the character set. Link your style-sheets and script files. Do not forget to link a tiny shortcut icon to the head, so that Web browsers display your icon or logo beside the title of your Website.

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In the body, start with making out the basic parts, the header, the main part and the footer. Web Design India Try being semantic rather than being structure oriented. Design out the page navigation list in the header. If it is not in the header, it doesn’t matter at all it totally depends on you. Use unordered lists to list out the navigation links rather than placing simple hyperlinks side-by-side. Use clean coding with proper comments. Comments help you to edit and manage your code, so never try to ignore the importance of code comments.

HTML web development

Place in, your content into your web page, the images, icons, the text in a simple and an attractive way. Use proper colors that match to the mood, context and the theme of the Website. Make the headings and the titles distinctive by using HTML Headings (H1 to H6) and darker colors.

Make the hyperlinks and buttons stand out by using slightly contrasting colors that grab attention. Use small fonts for the text to identify the reading part but do not make the fonts too small so that you’ll end up with a difficult to read text. Divide your text into small paragraphs.

Similarly, complete the webpage, full with content, ready to be published. Now, try to remove the unnecessary white spaces in your webpage and from the related files.This might make your files even smaller than what they used to be. Locally, use your web browser to view your webpage to find out what your page actually looks like.

Obviously, you would have been testing it every now and then, after every significant change made in your webpage. View your webpage, again locally, on some other browsers if you can, you might find an error. Rectify all such browser error and then your website can be published on the Internet.

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