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10 Mistakes That Will Crush Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an integral component of success in your Internet business. If you can steer clear of some of the mistakes that many marketers make, you can earn an enviable income. If you’re ready to advance your Internet marketing campaign and make money online, you’ve got to learn money-making tactics that convert into sales.

Email Marketing

Here are 10 critical errors that will kill your business:

1. Sending spam.

Spamming is illegal with harsh penalties for those who break the law. Spam is email that is sent anonymously to a large list of recipients, but it goes beyond that and the parameters can be confusing. Many people are puzzled about what is legally considered spam and what is not, so it’s best to send mail only to people on your list. That way you won’t risk losing your ISP.

2. Writing so-so subject lines.

The goal of the subject line is to get readers to open your email. Your subject lines must contain a reader benefit and evoke curiosity in the recipient. It must say, Open me now!

3. Misleading the reader.

If your message doesn’t match the subject line, then you’ll turn off your list. Avoid attention-getting subject lines that trick the recipient.

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4. Buying email lists.

The key to a successful Internet marketing campaign is to send email to prequalified prospects. If you buy a list, chances are that you won’t get the results that you had hoped for. Less is often more in Internet marketing.

5. Sending emails for the sake of sending emails.

You must provide quality content for recipients. Offer free tips, inform them how to do something successfully, or provide a solution to their problems. If they think your email is wasting their time, they won’t bother opening anything else from you in the future.

6. Being too formal.

Talk directly to the reader, as if he is sitting next to you. If your email sounds too business-like, he’ll likely delete it. Emails should be a soft sell, not an over-zealous sales call.

7. Injecting the “Me” Factor.

Here’s a harsh slap of reality for new marketers: Your prospects don’t care about YOU. They want to know what you can DO for them. Focus on reader benefits instead.

8. Forgetting the call-to-action.

If you write an interesting email that captures immediate attention but doesn’t ask the reader to take action, you’ll lose a sale right away. Be sure to end with a call-to-action that focuses on scarcity, value, or a time-limited promotion.

9. Including too many links or images.

If you try to over-deliver on the content, your recipients email may disable the links. While content is king, focus on one good thing at a time in your email.

10. Adding too much hype.

Over-the-top hype does not work in an email campaign. If you want your Internet business to thrive, focus on providing quality content that speaks directly to the reader with a message he’ll respond to.

Email marketing is an effective way to supercharge your Internet marketing campaign. If you provide good content, benefits to the readers, and avoid the appearance of spam, you can make money online and increase your profits exponentially.


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